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2009-09-17 17:20:16 by runescapeop

Who hates Algebra 2? I do T.T


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2009-09-17 17:34:41

Especially the graphing, that shit is so complicated. It's like having a toddler recalibrate the engines on a space shuttle.

runescapeop responds:

Heh, that made my day :3


2009-09-21 18:31:19

i have algebra 1 but hat sux anyways, i started out with fractions and scientific notations, i forgot wut those 2 were called....uhhhhh associative properties! thats it lol its like cramming 100 long equations wit while yur high and have down syndrome

runescapeop responds:

x3 algebra 1 wasn't a walk in the park for me either :\